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Gemma Collard-Stokes

Gemma Collard-Stokes is an independent interdisciplinary performance artist, researcher and educator based in Derbyshire. A common aspect across Gemma's academic and artistic work is the exploration of dance in it's therapeutic capacity. This extends from her doctorate research, ‘Dissolving Borders’ (2017), in which she demonstrated how principles of ecologically conscious movement improvisation can be applied to acts of writing in order to enrich articulation and assimilation of the suchness of a union between body, mind and Earth. 
Gemma's current interests align with prominent subjects within women’s studies, such as motherhood, birth trauma, body image disturbances, aging and invisibility. These investigations centre on how dance, and in particular ecosomatic movement practice, can offer [re]connection for those who experience a growing sense of detachment from their body. This work is embedded in enquiry that seeks to explore the ways in which human relationships with land and environment (including the natural world of animals and plants) through bodily interactions can support recovery, connection and orient us in the world.

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